Field Deployment Timeline

The following timeline outlines a schedule leading to the installation of intelligent feeder monitoring devices and the initiation of active monitoring. TEES will endeavor to accommodate special needs that fall outside this schedule. Dates are subject to change as conditions dictate, and this page will be updated from time to time.

In the following, “participating utility” means any company that has indicated, either verbally, by email, or by returning an expression of interest form, its desire to participate as a host site. “Devices” means the intelligent power line monitoring devices, containing TEES waveform analytics technology, to be installed on participating utility feeders in support of the wildfire project.

Formalize participation – On May 23, 2014, TEES sent a purchase order contract to each participating utility. Executing the contract commits the participating utility to the purchase of a specific number of devices. TEES has requested that executed purchase order contracts be returned by June 20, 2014. Having these in a timely manner aids TEES’s overall planning process and provides TEES the basis for ordering the devices on behalf of the utilities.

Note: Although TEES has sent purchase order contracts to those utility companies that have indicated their desire to be demonstration sites, additional utility companies and additional devices can be accommodated. Please contact Carl Benner for additional information.

Select feeders – TEES will guide participating utilities in the selection of target feeders, based upon multiple factors discussed in detail on a separate page. TEES recommends that participating utilities finalize feeder selections by June 30, 2014.

Provide GIS-based feeder maps – TEES requests that each participating utility provide a GIS-based feeder map for each feeder that is to be instrumented. Although provision of feeder maps is not in the critical path for commencement of active monitoring, TEES requests that participating utilities provide the maps at their earliest opportunity, preferably by July 16, 2014.

Perform make-ready work, including communication – Make-ready work encompasses all aspects of preparing a substation for device installation, including provision of CT leads, PT leads, battery-backed 12VDC device power, and Internet suitable for each device to connect directly to a TEES server. To avoid project delays, all make-ready work should be completed well before the devices are delivered. TEES is available for consultation regarding make-ready details and will make more details available on this web site in the near future. TEES recommends that all make-ready work, including Internet communication, be completed by August 29, 2014.

Ship devices to participating utilities – Participating utilities will take delivery of the devices in late summer or early fall 2014.

Commence monitoring – Active monitoring will commence as devices are installed, including communication requirements. Devices will be “brought on-line” and begin monitoring as they are installed. All devices should be installed as expeditiously as possible, with a goal of having all devices fully on-line and functional within one month of their delivery.

Training – TEES will train personnel of participating utilities in the use of the intelligent power line monitoring system. TEES will conduct this training via a series of webcasts, the first of which will be roughly coincident with the commencement of monitoring.